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Canon Mirrorless Cameras

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Canon Mirrorless Camera Reviews

Canon has been messing around in the Mirrorless camera market for years. It is our opinion that they have finally got it right with the release of the new (Sept 2016) Canon EOS-M5 or Canon M5 as it will surely be known.

Canon has released the M5 with two new lenses which are available in Body + lens packs.

The new mirrorless lenses are the EF-M (mirrorless mount lenses) 15-45mm STM and the 18-150mm STM. These new EF-M lenses offer you essentially a wide angle lens (15-45) and a sport / telephoto option in the 18-150mm. Of course all of the EF-M Lenses will mount the new EOS M5 Mirrorless camera.

For the sake of it lets now take a look at the blurb from Canon USA.

Canon USA also produced the following with some cool imagery.

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