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    Memory Cards

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    Digital Camera Memory Cards

    Sandisk Lexar Transcend Samsung CF CompactFlash SDHC SDXC MicroSD & Eye-Fi Memory Cards Gold Coast Australia

    Do you remember film? Do you remember going to the local chemist to pick up a packet of prints? I Don't. OK OK I do. That was a long time ago. Today Camera memory cards are the medium to record your photos.

    Recorded late 2009 the following YouTube Video covers considerations to make when choosing the best memory card for you

    The following links will take you to the specialist

    ages for SDHC, Compact Flash, MicroSDHC and Memory USB Sticks and Card Readers. Have fun!

    MicroSD Cards
    SDHC Cards
    Compact Flash Memory Cards
    CF Cards
    Gopro Memory Cards
    SDHC Cards
    SDXC Cards
    Memory Cards Holders & Cases
    USB Flash Drive
    Memory Card Readers
    Sandisk Extreme Pro Cards
    Sandisk Extreme Plus Memory Cards
    Sandisk 32gb Micro SD

    The majority of Camera Memory Cards we stock are Sandisk Memory Cardshowever we also offer Lexar Transcend and Samsung memory cards.

    Here are links to our memory cards by brand and type.
    Sandisk Memory Cards
    Sandisk Compact Flash Memory Cards
    Sandisk MicroSD Memory Cards Australia

    Lexar Memory Cards Australia
    Lexar Compact Flash Memory Cards
    Lexar MicroSDHC Memory Cards
    Lexar SDHC Memory Cards

    Transcend Memory Cards
    Transcend Ultimate SDHC Memory Cards Transcend MicroSD Memory Cards Transcend SDHC Memory Cards
    Transcend CompactFlash Memory Cards

    Samsung Memory Cards

    EYE-FI Memory Cards

    USB Memory Sticks
    Vanguard Memory Card Cases
    Memory Card Readers

    Sandisk Cards by Size Sandisk 16gb Cards
    Sandisk 32gb Cards
    Sandisk 64gb Cards
    Sandisk 128gb Cards
    Sandisk 256gb Cards

    Memory Card Reviews and how to pick the right memory card Youtube Videos

    At Cameras Direct Australia, we welcome your phone call to seek assistance and advice or simply drop into our camera store & camera warehouse on the Gold Coast Australia. See you soon.