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Cactus Wireless Trigger V5 Duo Set DISCONTINUED & NO STOCK

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Cactus Wireless Trigger V5 Duo Set DISCONTINUED & NO STOCK

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Product Review (submitted on 22 October 2013):
I have 5 of these (2 used on camera bodies and 3 on speedlights). The first one has failed after 12 months (triggers manually but not from hotshoe). Otherwise, they've been reliable, at least in an electronic sense. Physically is another thing.....

First few minor design problems: The battery tray is far too easy to press and accidentally eject. We all keep forgetting to turn them off (the Cybersync we used prior didn't need turning on to transmit, and the receivers turned off automatically). The channel selector is easy to bump and TX-OFF-RX switch is fiddly and hard to see in a dark room.... funnily enough, an ideal place to use flashes.

My biggest gripe is how these mount to the camera or light stand. They have a poor locking ring to tighten the hotshoe mount, but the ring is hard to get to as the body of the cactus overhangs it by so much. Once it's mounted on a camera or plastic foot, the ring is very difficult to tighten or loosen. Because the plastic is so cheap, they need to be tightened very well or they fall off (along with the flash that's mounted to it). If you're in a hurry to set up 4 or 5 of these.... good luck. I abandoned a wirelessly triggered 3 flash setup at a wedding reception entrance on the weekend and went for on camera flash (ugghhh). Time was short, and we were fumbling so much with only half of them set up, we went for safe. Now my entrance photos look very similar to their family's entrance photos.

As I frequently trigger from 2 camera bodies, and always in manual, I thought these would be easier and much cheaper than a pair of Canon ST-E3-RT transmitters and upgrading my 3rd flash to a 600-EX-RT. False economy it turns out.
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