Eneloop AA AAA Rechargeable Batteries

Eneloop AA AAA Rechargeable Batteries & Battery Chargers

Sanyo originally created the Eneloop range of Batteries and Battery Chargers. In recent times, Sanyo was bought by Panasonic so you will see the range described as Sanyo Eneloop and Panasonic Eneloop, they are the same products.

We love the Eneloop batteries as they come fully charged and will hold the charge for years. No more drain from your AA and AAA batteries. No more will you get to a shoot and find that the batteries have gone flat!

Are the Eneloop batteries any good? You better believe it. We recommend them to all of our Pro Shooters especially Wedding Photographers and they always come back for more.

Firstly we have our review of the Eneloop batteries and the second is of the chargers.

More good news is that the Sanyo Charger will charge any brand of NiMh AA and AAA batteries.

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