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Flash Triggers

10th June 2019. Cameras Direct is adding Phottix Triggers after dropping Cactus from the range. The reason? Phottix is sourced in Australia and we feel that our customers and us, will have more backup and after sales support.

How to set up your Godox Trigger ....

Now that Pocket Wizard isn't represented in Australia, we have pulled back on the stock and will phase it out. Cactus are great triggers but we have now found Godox Triggers. We feel that Godox triggers being TTL and better value for money. We will slowly phase out Cactus and move to be solely Godox stockists.

The original Godox X1 flash triggers are good but customers have reported that the buttons can be a bit awkward to use and nonsensical. Godox listened and have now released the Godox XPro trigger which has a much bigger screen. Note that this trigger does exactly the same job as the original X1 and is ONLY the transmitter. You will still need to but the original X1 receivers for each of your flash units.

Now watch this video to go through all of the settings on the new larger screen.

Cactus Triggers are a brand of flash triggers for Canon Nikon Sony Olympus Sony Flash SpeedLite Speedlites.

The Cactus V6 and V5 trigger each have a video review on their respective product page. We hope that these reviews / overviews will assist you in making the right buying decision.

Here is a short playlist of our own #Cactus #Wireless #Trigger #Reviews.

Pocket Wizard are reportedly more reliable however several of our commercial photographers have and continue to use Cactus Flash Triggers in the field.