Godox Flash

Godox Flash

Although the V350 has been out since 2018, it was yet to get to Australia. The distributor has decided to discontinue the TT350 and bring in the V350. The V350 whilst 1/3 of the power of the V860, it does have a lithium battery and will recycle to full power in 1.7 seconds.

Over the past few years Godox has dazzled us all with the range price and quality of their Flashes. Godox also offer softboxes and umbrellas and studio light as well so be sure to search "Godox" to see the full range.

The most popular of the Godox Flash range is the 685's. It is similar power if not more, to a Nikon SB-700 and Canon 430ex. Godox 685 is also available for Sony and Panasonic / Olympus and Fujfilm cameras.

An upgrade from the Godox 685's is the V860 range which is basically the 685 with a lithium battery.

The Godox V1 offers a round head for softer edges and plenty of grunt.

At this point the baby of the family is the TT350's.