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Godox-Witstro-AD200Pro Portable Flash
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There is a HUGE range of accessories for this suitable portable flash at bargain basement prices. The flash itself is cheap when compared to the likes of Canon Nikon or Sony speedlights. Godox - great reliable value for money.

This flash will also power the Godox R200 Ring Light Flash - See the link on this page.

Elevate your photography with the Godox AD200Pro. Its compact yet powerful design delivers consistent and reliable lighting in any setting. With interchangeable flash heads, you can effortlessly customize your lighting setup for various creative effects. The built-in wireless system enables seamless integration with other Godox flashes, offering enhanced flexibility and control.

Whether you're shooting portraits, events, or outdoor scenes, the AD200Pro's versatility, durability, and affordability make it the perfect choice for photographers of all levels looking to achieve professional results on the go.

Godox Witstro AD200Pro Portable Flash

Transform your photography with the Godox AD200Pro. Its compact yet powerful build ensures consistent and reliable lighting wherever you shoot. With interchangeable flash heads, you can easily tailor your setup for different creative effects. The integrated wireless system allows seamless coordination with other Godox flashes, granting you enhanced flexibility and control. Whether it's portraits, events, or outdoor scenes, the AD200Pro's versatility, durability, and affordability make it the ultimate companion for photographers of all levels, delivering professional-grade results every time.

If you were using or wanting to use a speedlite off camera then checkout the Godox AD200Pro portable light. The AD200 is compact enough to add to your camera bag, it has a large capacity built in lithium battery pack enabling approx 500 full power flashes with quick recycling. The AD200 has a modelling light and a removable flash tube presenting 360 degrees of soft bright light with adjustable steps from 1/128 to 1/1.

The AD200 has numerous control functions supports flash exposure compensation, TTL, Multi flash, Manual flash and other custom settings. Bare bulb and speedlite flash heads are included however there are many Godox optional accessories including diffusers, colour filters, barn doors and softboxes etc.

With the Godox built in receiver there are optional transmitters (X1 TTL) that will work with most brands including Canon Nikon Sony and Fujfilm. From this 32 channel transmitter connected via the camera hot shoe you can control the flash modes, power level, high speed sync (up to 1/8000 sec) and modelling lamp.

An enhanced version of its predecessor, the AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit from Godox is built around a unique flash source with a standard speedlight head and a bare bulb head that give you the option of two distinctly different qualities of light. The kit comes with the two heads, lithium battery, charger, and carry case.

The speedlight head outputs the standard look of an on-camera flash that can be modified using an optional softbox, beauty dish, or umbrella. The bare bulb head features a removable flash tube and produces 360 degrees of soft, bright, nearly shadowless light. The head uses optional reflectors that focus the beam angle and give you directional control. The AD200Pro has impressive core features such as 200Ws of power adjustable in 9 steps from 1/256 to 1/1, recycling from 0.01 to 2.1 seconds, and flash durations as short as 1/15,380 sec. The flash runs on a removal, rechargeable lithium battery that will give you up to 500 full power flashes and thousands of lower power flashes.

The AD200Pro has 3 flash modes: Manual, TTL, and Multi (Stroboscopic). Manual outputs the user's choice of power, modeling light, first or second curtain sync, etc. Multi controls the stroboscopic rate up to 90 times (90 Hz). TTL takes advantage of the flash head's built-in X1 receiver. Optional X1 TTL transmitters are available for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, and FUJIFILM cameras. They will also detect a separately purchased LED head. The 32-channel wireless system controls flash mode, first and second curtain sync, High-Speed Sync up to 1/8000 second, power level, modeling lamp, and ready beeper at distances up to 328'. Firmware updates are obtainable on the Godox website.

Built-In 2.4 GHz Wireless X System
Built-in wireless receiver: control triggering power level, alert beep with optional wireless transmitter. Compatible with Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, and Fuji TTL.
Bare Bulb and Speedlight Flash Heads
Bare bulb and speedlight flash heads are included to vary your quality of light. Color temperature is a steady 5600K over the entire power range.
Large Capacity Lithium Battery Pack
The 14.4V / 2900mAh battery pack gets 500 full power flashes with 0.01 to 2.1 second recycling.
AV Panel
Easily readable digital panel displays your adjustments
Barn Doors, color filters, and diffusers are available to personalize your work.
Numerous Control Functions
  • 9-Step Power Range: 1/1 to 1/356
  • Supports flash exposure compensation
  • 1/8000 second High-Speed Sync
  • First and second curtain sync
  • Modeling lamp
  • Manual flash
  • Multi flash
  • Custom functions


  • 1 x Speedlight, 1 x Bare Bulb Flash Head
  • 1 x Lithium Battery, 1 x Charger
  • Built-In Wireless X System Receiver
  • HSS: 1/8000 sec, Battery: 500 FP Flashes
  • Optional X1 Wireless TTL Transmitter
  • Supports Nikon, Canon, Sony TTL
  • Supports Olympus, FUJIFILM TTL
  • Flash Exposure Compensation
  • TTL, Manual, and Stroboscopic Modes
  • Firmware USB Updates, 1 x Carry Case


The Godox Witstro AD200Pro Portable Flash comes with a full Australian warranty from Godox Australia.

Cameras Direct since 2001. Pop into our Gold Coast camera store & warehouse or order online. We look forward to being at your SERVICE Australia wide. We look forward to helping you take a better photo soon. Thank you.
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