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  1. Canon 600ex-RT Flash Diffuser
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  2. Speedlite Flash Gel Pack
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  3. Godox 2 To 1 Adapter DB-02
    Special Price $22.00 Regular Price $29.00
  4. Lume Cube Modification Frame
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Camera Flash

Camera Flashes are made by all the major camera manufacturers. Each camera company such as Canon or Nikon make camera flashes specifically for their Canon cameras or Nikon cameras as the case maybe.

Sigma make camera flashes for both their Sigma cameras and also compatible with other major camera brands, again, such as Canon and Nikon.

Unless you are on a very tight budget we urge you to put a Canon flash on a Canon camera and a Nikon flash on a Nikon camera and so on, including Fujifilm flashes on Fujifilm cameras, Sony flash units on Sony cameras etc. Why? Well Canon knows EXACTLY what makes a Canon camera work so their camera flash units (know as "speedlites" and yes they miss spell the term) work perfectly with the camera in such areas as ETTL. ETTL is the electronic through the lens, metering so your images are well exposed.

Nikon flash units are called Nikon Speedlights (yes they can spell). Sony, Sigma and Panasonic flashes for example, have a variety of brand terms like speedlights.

Metz have been a flash manufacturers for donkeys ages but they, in the modern DSLR world, now cater for less and less photographers.

Whilst we are on the subject of camera flashes, let's not forget macro flash units. Canon have two macro flash units called Canon MT-24ex macro flash and Canon MR-14ex ring flash. Nikon have the Nikon R1 macro flash and the Nikon R1C1 Macro Flash.

So if you are looking to add light to your photos and want to buy a Canon camera flash, a Nikon camera flash, a Fujifilm camera flash or a Sony flash or Sigma flash and so on, come and shop with your Cameras Direct.

When looking for advice on the Canon Nikon Fuji Sigma Speedlite Flash to buy online call Cameras Direct Australia or buy at our Gold Coast Australia Camera Store & Camera Warehouse.

We like to review as much camera gear as time permits. The following playlist is our collection of Canon Speedlight Reviews.

Now we present our Nikon Speedlight playlist for Nikon Flash Reviews.

Cameras Direct are specialists in all things photographic. From Canon Nikon Fuji Sigma Tamron camera lenses, to Canon Nikon Fuji DSLR Camera bodies, to Studio Flash, Studio Equipment and much more, we are confident that we can help you find what you need. Whether you are looking for a top end solution, or a budget-conscious option, browse our site and find what you need.

If you are unsure of what you require or what is right for you, you can have confidence in the fact that our Gold Coast Australia camera store and phone staff are on hand to help you with your needs.

Good composition, the right subject and a good eye are critical components in a good photo, but as important is the lighting. Get that wrong and you can change the entire photo. Not every photo can be set in a studio, which means you need to rely on a speedlite flash that delivers every time.

Very basic info in this youtube video for the beginner.

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