Hoya Circular Polarising Filter - 49mm Now UX CPL

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Hoya has discontinued this range and replaced it with the UX Circular Polarising or CPL filter range. Same filter just different packaging and name.

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Hoya 49mm Circular Polarising Slim Frame CPL Filter

The Hoya Standard Circular Polarising Filter - 52mm can open up avenues of your photography that without would otherwise not be possible.

The Standard Circular Polarising Filter can remove reflections from glass and water, as well as bring detail to the bright sky or emphasise the colours in nature shots.

This lens can help correctly expose your overall image as it reduces the amount of light entering the lens.

This Hoya Circular Polarising CPL Filter 49mm comes with a full warranty from Hoya Australia. Pop into our Gold Coast camera store & warehouse or order online. #CamerasDirect, happily helping you take a better #photo and being at your service. Thank you.

#HoyaCircularPolarisingFilter #Hoya49mmCircularPolarisingFilter #HoyaHMCCPLFilter #49mmCircularPolariser
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Manufacturer Hoya
Filter Type Circular Polarizer
Filter Size 49mm
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