Circular Polarising Filters

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Circular Polarising Filters | How to Use a CPL Explained

Cameras Direct bring you the best brands for CPL - also known as Circular Polarsing Filters, at the best prices. Only the best for your lenses and photos

We explain to you just how a CPL works and how to work it. The videos below should go a long way to guide you.

Filters, Circular Polarising or CPL in particular, are made as you know by a variety of manufacturers. We like to stock CPL filters from Hoya and Cokin as priority and then Sigma and Kenko to name a few in lesser priority. This priority is largely due to the demands of photographers.

We are often asked to explain what a Circular Polarising filter does and how it works. Rather than bore you with text, we have the following videos to show you.

The following playing is our own videos discussing Circular Polarising Filters. We explain the benefits, differences in types and quality. We hope this assists you in your buying process. Thanks for considering Cameras Direct.

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