Cokin P-Series Filter Kit

Cokin P-Series Filter Kits

October 2018. Cokin has revamped it's range of P-Series filter kits. Out with the old and in with the new. The latest is the Cokin P-Series Landscape kit but note that it does NOT include adapter rings. Cokin has come out with a newey too, the Cokin P-Series Traveller Kit (yes, 2L's America). The other kit of note that is selling very well, the Cokin Expert Kit that DOES come with 4 adapter rings, saving a bundle, and it has a holder plus 3 filters, 2 graduated and one full ND for that extra boost.

Buying a Cokin P-Series Filter Kit is the best one and cheapest way to buy a few Cokin filters and a Cokin P-Series Filter Holder. There are currently 4 Cokin P-Series Filter Kits in the range, two are graduated or grad filter kits and two are full grad (or not graduated) filter kits.

The most popular of the Cokin P-Series Filter Kits is the Cokin H250 filter kit. This kit includes 3 graduated ND filters and a P-Series Filter Holder. The kits are an economic way to start into your Cokin landscape photography.

There are a number of Cokin Filter Kits - this one is the Cokin Graduated ND Kit for P Series users.

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