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Hoya Pro ND500 Neutral Density Filter

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Hoya ND500 PRO Neutral Density ND Filters

Here is our video review of the Hoya ND500 Pro ND range of filters.

The following is the transcript (albeit rough) of the above Hoya Pro ND 500 Filter Review.

Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Hoya Filter Review. Today we're going to have a quick look at the Hoya Pro ND500 Neutral Density Filter.

If you need to block a lot of light, for instance if you're doing slow shutter speed effects on water during the middle of the day or very bright conditions you're gonna need a filter that blocks a lot of light.

The Hoya ND 500 is a roundabout a nine stop ND filter. Basically that means if you were shooting in the middle of the day and you used a shutter speed of about a hundred and twenty fifth 1/125th of a second with your aperture set to f/22 ... this would give you a about a 4-6 second exposure and that's where you get those wonderful blurred water effects.

Or if you're trying to remove people from your photo this with a long shutter allows people to walk past while you're exposing and I won't appear in the photo very cool effects but usually has a say used for the slow water affects.

This is a 9 stop ND filter that's not a variable but it's beautiful quality. One filter multi-coated either side at six coatings on either side so you won't get reflections - it's a low profile frame with black rim glasses well again no reflections that's vitally important when you're exposing for long periods of time in the middle of the day as you are gonna get lots of reflections. This is the filter to have for those effects.

One tip for you when you are doing those long exposures during the day please cover your viewfinder and you will avoid strange light effects coming through and ruining your image.

Hoya Pro ND500 Neutral Density Filter.

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