NiSi 150x170mm Nano IR Soft Graduated Neutral Density Filter - ND8 CLEARANCE SALE

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In the NiSi 100mm filter range the square models are all ND filter, this one and all of the 100x170mm filters are all GND or Graduated ND Filters. Obviously the extra length is there to allow you to position the start of the graduated portion where ever you wish it to be. This particular GND8 will stop 3 stops of light or reduce the impact of the light to 1/8th where the GND is at it’s darkest.

NiSi 150x170mm Nano IR Soft Graduated Neutral Density Filter - ND8


The soft in the title refers to the type of transition, with a soft-edged line of transition between the dark and clear areas these filters are often used when the composition transition is of a more gradual nature or when items in the shot protrude high into the skyline

What makes the NiSi 100x150mm Nano IR filters so hard? They are made from B270 tempered glass.

By using neutral density filter the camera is vulnerable to infrared light which will cast the unwanted red colour to the photos when shooting at small aperture. Nisi added the infrared protection coating layer to this filter which help to eliminate the infrared light through the lens to bring back the natural colour.

Another important part of the NiSi success is that they do not cause any vignetting. On top of that they are very high definition given the Nano coatings on both sides and they are also water and oil repellent.

The Optical Nano Multi-Coating provides for a perfectly neutral filter that has no colour shift or colour cast. This optical Nano coating is also anti-glaring and anti-reflective, alleviating solar glare. This technology was developed for the NiSi IR ND exclusively by NiSi Filters.

This 150x170mm filter is compatible with the NiSi 150mm filter system.

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Manufacturer Nisi
Filter Type Neutral Density, Graduated
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