Hoya PRO1D UV Filters

Hoya Pro1D UV Filters

After a decade Hoya is rebranding Pro1D filters to “Hoya Fusion One” and dropping the D. Same great filter.

The Hoya PRO1D UV Filters are by far our biggest selling UV filters. Customers ask for them by name and we recommend them for most lenses barring maybe the entry level kit lenses for a beginner, who is unlikely to see the difference in a photo.

Pretty much on a weekly basis we have a customer come in, they have dropped their lens, with a smashed filter that is jammed onto their lens! Thank goodness for that. The UV filter has taken the brunt of the impact and broken but the lens and the lens face remains in tact. From this example alone you can see the the value of a quality UV filter as a filter, whilst often seen as expensive upfront, is far cheaper than a new lens.

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