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Canon 200mm Lenses

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  1. Sale

    Canon EF 200mm f/2.8L II USM Lens

    Wow lens for my portrait photography. Remember that dreaming is free. Prime lenses are generally sharper than zoom and so its stunningly good Learn More

    AU $1,144.00 Inc GST

    RRP: $1,299.00 Save: $155.00

  2. Sale

    Canon EF 200mm f/2L IS USM Lens

    This has to be Canons best portrait lens. Yes there are other choices and yes it is a personal decision. If money was no option though, would you have one? Learn More

    AU $8,930.00 Inc GST

    RRP: $9,999.00 Save: $1,069.00

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Canon 200mm Prime Lenses

Canon has produced two Canon 200mm L series lens. One is the very popular 200mm f2.8 which is cheap when compared to the sublime Canon 200mm f2l lens. It is easy to think that the more money you pay for a lens, the better image quality you will get. For some the simple answer to the question depends on the skill level of the viewer of the resultant photo. A beginner / novice simple isn't trained to see the differences without them being pointed out to them.

So what are the differences? Please point them out to us. The video does a very good job at showing you the difference. In the end it could still come down to the depth of your pocket but its good to dream ahhhh I mean be educated too right.

Other Canon Prime lenses from this google search.

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