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Canon Macro Lens Reviews

Cameras Direct is always producing more video reviews. The following playlist is made up of our own Canon Macro Lens Reviews. Thank you for watching.

The playlist below is a collection of reviews of Canons Macro Lens range. We hope that it answers more questions for you than it creates.

The range of Canon macro lenses now has the L series 100mm macro to delight Canon macro photographers.

We made the Youtube video a while back so if Canon announces more Macro Lenses please make allowances.

Exploring the realm of tiny things with a macro lens is a unique as well as exciting field of photography, once you begin, you will quickly become hooked on it. The world of macro photography holds many delights and is characteristic of the world that cannot be valued with the naked eye.

So as to keep the explanation of the distinctions simple to comprehend, I will keep it simple, Macro is a 1 to 1 image of something whereas Close up is virtually macro but not. Are you giggling? Probably not. At the end of the day who cares exactly what the difference is. Get moving and get your photographs and cherish the results.

As always you will find a wide variety of macro lens alternatives from those macro lenses produced by the digital camera company that constructed your digital slr And to 3rd party macro lenses manufacturers for example Tamron as well as Sigma. Be sure to pick-up the lens that matches your own wish for photo quality, image composition and the lens price tag particularly if you're restricted by a strict budget.

There is an never-ending selection of subject matter that come within the definition of macro photography. The most typical subject matter for macro photography is definitely the botanical world - all sorts of flowers, plants, and bugs. For the more creative photographer, macro photography is commonly employed in contemporary imagery.

As you gain experience and no doubt excitement in your macro photograph, you will encounter the happiness and sadness with the impact of depth of field. It's something that you will learn to deal with and in doing so you will most likely finish up with a ring light or other camera flash light to ensure that you can add extra light and then wind down the f stop from say f1.8 to f8 so that you will get more of the fore ground and more of the background in to the picture.

If you do not already have a camera tripod then you will be looking for the best tripod for macro photos within a short period of time. Things including an insects eyes are so small that you will not be able to tolerate any lens motion whatsoever.

Newcomers to macro photography are often a little afraid of Macro Photography due to what they see as too many factors to take on board. We on the other hand recognize that as your overall photography skills improve that you're going to understand techy things like depth of field and that you will not find the move to macro overly challenging.

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When it comes to #CloseUpLens by Canon. NOTE. You can use these "Canon" Close up lenses on any brand of lens.