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Nikon 10-24mm Lens

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Nikon 10-24mm Lens

The Nikon 10-24mm lens, one of Nikon's more popular Wide Angle lenses is about to be discontinued. BUGGER ... however there is a new AF-P 10-20mm coming. You should probably also look at the Tokina 11-16mm or the Tokina 11-20mm (for just that bit more versatility) for your wide angle needs. Yep the Tokina's are relatively expensive (or cheap depending on your view point as they are f/2.8 lenses and damn good too) but we get a lot of sale of the Tokinas to Landscape Photographer's and in the winter, to Astro photographers

This is the sort of results that you can expect to get with some practice.

Show me the other Nikon Wide Angle Zoom Lenses please.

Show me the other Nikon Wide Angle PRIME Lenses please.

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