Zeiss Milvus Lenses

Zeiss Milvus Lenses

If you want auto focus lenses then steer away from the Zeiss Milvus Lenses as they are all manual focus. Bugger? Not really. Learn how to focus!

The focus ring on the Zeiss Milvus Lens is ultra smooth and if you wish to remove the click off the aperture ring you can do so.

Zeiss lenses are revered by photographers the world over and the new Zeiss Milvus Lenses are only going to keep the love of Zeiss lenses for years to come.

According to the Zeiss website. "No matter what the field of application, ZEISS Milvus lenses are always the first choice thanks to their superior optical performance."

It's hard to argue with this description given the decades of pedigree under the belt of the Carl Zeiss company.

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