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Canon 7d Lens Kits

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Canon 7d Lens Kits

The Canon EOS 7d body is now discontinued along with all of it's associated 7d lens kits. The replacement is the 7d Mark II.

Whilst it is true that the Canon 7d is being replaced by the superior Canon 7d Mark II, the Canon 7d still represents superb value for money. The rapid shooting Canon 7d was with us for about 5 years before the Canon 7d Mark II made its mark... sorry about the pun.

While the 7d is still available (Nov 2016), now is the time to buy it before it is gone for good.

Adding a Canon Kit Lens to the bundle such as the Canon 18-200mm to form a Canon 7d 18-200mm Lens Kit makes sense for many photographers.

If you are torn between any of the Canon lens kits for either the Canon 7d or Canon 7d Mark II, all you need do is give us a buzz for a chat.

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