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Nikon D5500 Lens Kits

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Nikon D5500 Lens Kit & Nikon D5500 Twin Lens Kits

Nikon's new D5500 DSLR camera is available to the budget conscious or Nikon beginner photographer in a bundled "Nikon Lens Kit.

A Nikon D5500 Lens Kit whether it is a single lens kit or a Twin Lens Kit, is simply the Nikon D5500 body matched with one or two Nikon lenses. Typically Nikon D5500 are available as a Nikon D5500 18-55mm Lens Kit for beginners to get started or with two lenses making lens kits such as Nikons D5500 18-55mm 55-200mm Twin Lens Kit or the newer and proving more popular Nikon D5500 18-55mm 55-300mm Twin Lens Kit.

For the best Nikon lens travel kit you can consider the Nikon D5500 with a 18-200mm Lens or for more "reach" to be able to zoom in more, the Nikon D5500 18-300mm Lens. Both travel lens option are of better lens quality but that of course comes at a higher price tag.

A couple of other Nikon lens options for your Nikon D5500 are the Nikon 18-105mm and 18-140mm lenses.

By all means give us a call or come in and see us for a chat about the best Nikon lens to put with your new Nikon D5500 DSLR. Happy Shooting.

Nikon's D5500 stands out as the most current in the sought after D5000 series. It featuring touchscreen display that flicks out that is certainly very convenient for video. It's the sole Nikon camera at the moment that comes with touchscreen display together with a couple of taps as opposed to completely different buttons could very well be simpler and quicker for you. The 24 megapixel digital camera has integrated Wi-Fi that is definitely terrific if needed for example: a instant up-load for the purpose of social media Instagram, Facebook and or e-mail purposes.

The construction and size is lightweight and stream-lined, not being as sturdy and weather sealed for every single day usage, even so I like the feel and for a walkaround and general digital slr for the entire family, learner and enthusiast it ticks a lot of boxes. You are able to attach this digital slr camera to a fantastic variety of DX lenses to choose from depending upon for your desires for eg how much telephoto zoom you'll need, what you may prefer to specialise in or alternatively one general purpose lens to photograph almost all kinds of things.

The Nikon D5500 comes full of functions for example many scene and exposure mode settings that feature in the more expensive models not to mention full manual mode.

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