Nikon D7200 Lens Kit

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Nikon D7200 Lens Kits

The Nikon D7200 is now discontinued, replaced by the Nikon D7500

As of September 2018, there is still stock of the Nikon D7200 available. Not for long though so maybe now is the time to grab this great DSLR before you can't buy it at any price.

Nikon DSLR's are bundled into what is called a Lens Kit. Why? Well Nikon like all the other DSLR manufacturers are keen to make a sale and to make it as easy as possible for the buyer to pick a bundle of a Nikon D7200 with one or more of its Nikon Kit Lenses.

So they take the Nikon D7200 and box them up with Nikon Kit Lenses such as the ever popular (and cheap) Nikon 18-55mm. This is what they sell as a Nikon D7200 18-55mm Lens Kit. Get the idea?

Other single lens kits with the D7200 include the Nikon D7200 18-140mm Lens Kit and the Nikon D7200 18-300mm Lens Kit (or the Nikon 18-200mm Lens Kit).

Nikon also offers what they call "Nikon Twin Lens Kits". So a Nikon D7200 with 2 lenses is a Nikon D7200 Twin Lens Kit. Examples of this include the Nikon D7200 18-55 55-300mm Lens Kit and the Nikon D7200 18-55 55-200 Lens Kit.

One of my favourites is the Nikon D7200 18-200mm Lens Kits.

Each to there own when it comes to Nikon Lens Kits is a good policy and this is how we guide our customers to the right and best Lens Kit for their own needs ... not ours!

Happy Shooting.
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