Canon EOS 5ds Lens Kits

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Canon 5ds 5ds RLens Kits

Canon introduced a massive 50mp full frame sensor to a massive fan fare early in 2016. The expectation was the the 50mp Canon 5ds or Canon 5ds r cameras would bring the landscape and fashion photographers out of the woodwork.

In our observation it is true that the landscape and fashion photographer have responded but not in a landslide fashion. Minimal sales seems to be what other camera retailers are telling us and that is certainly the sales results that we have observed.

Why have sales been sluggish? Well we think its for the exact same reason that some have bought the Canon 5ds ... because of the file size. 50Mp in raw for many is just unmanageable and slows up the work flow considerably. Has this been your experience?

Canon as usual released the Canon 5ds's bundled with a few lenses to form Canon 5ds Lens Kits. Seems a bit odd that you would put a "kit lens" with a 50mp full frame Canon DSLR but of course the "kit lens" quality in these cases is superb as they are all Canon L series lenses.

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