Canon EOS 77d Lens Kits

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Canon 77d Lens Kits

It is February 2017 and Canon has announced the Canon EOS 77d. With that new body will come an array of Canon 77d Lens Kits.

Was is a Lens Kit? Well Canon wants you to buy a camera. Obviously. So to get you interested, especially if you are a beginner DSLR user, that want to sell you the camera with a lens or lenses that is reasonably priced and of a quality that is suitable for your skill level and budget.

The Canon 77d has been released with a new Canon 18-55mm which is a little "slower" in terms of f stops but also a little cheaper.

The typical Canon 77d Lens Kits include a Canon 77d 18-55 and 55-250 combo (also known as a Canon 77d Twin Lens Kit), the Canon 77d 18-55mm lens kit of course and the Canon 77d 18-200mm lens kit. You can mix and match other lenses as you see fit and if you like you can call them a lens kit... whatever right. Just be sure to buy the lens or lenses that meet your upcoming photography needs.

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