Canon EOS 800d Lens Kits

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Canon 800d Single Lens Kits & Twin Lens Kits

Canon's announcement of the Canon 800d means that they will follow this up with new Canon 800d Lens Kits. Look out for the single lens kits and twin lens kits on this page.

For starters there is a new Canon 18-55mm which you will be able to buy as a Canon 800d 18-55mm Lens Kits. Not a great deal new to talk about here but it is a new lens.

There will also be the usual Twin Lens Kits such as the Canon 800d 18-55 55-250mm STM Twin Lens Kits, and the Canon 800d 18-55 75-300mm Twin Lens Kits.

My favourite kit lens is still the Canon 18-200mm but we are hopeful that Canon will soon follow Nikon and bring out a longer telephoto such as a Canon 18-300mm Lens which would make an ideal travel lens.

We have put a few extra Canon 800d Lens Kits here that we make up ourselves for your convenience.

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