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Sony Cybershot Cameras

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    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III Compact Camera

    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III Compact Digital Camera Learn More

    AU $738.00 Inc GST

    RRP: $1,089.00 Save: $351.00

  2. Sale

    Sony Cyber-Shot HX90V Compact Digital Camera

    Sony Cyber-Shot HX90V Compact Digital Camera #Sony #SonyCyberShot #SonyHX90V Learn More

    AU $662.00 Inc GST

    RRP: $899.00 Save: $237.00

  3. Sale

    Sony Cybershot RX100 VII + Shooting Grip VCT-SGR1 - RX100M7G

    Sony Cybershot RX100 VII + Shooting Grip VCT-SGR1 The high-magnification 24-200mm zoom lens delivers superb image quality. Engineered to achieve maximum resolution and clarity across the entire zoom range, it brings remarkable telephoto capability to a pocket-size package, vastly expanding your options for creative expression. Learn More

    AU $1,982.00 Inc GST

    RRP: $2,199.00 Save: $217.00

  4. Sale

    Sony Cybershot RX100 VII Compact Camera

    Sony RX100 VII Compact Camera Learn More

    AU $1,735.00 Inc GST

    RRP: $1,999.00 Save: $264.00

  5. Sale

    Sony RX10 IV Compact Digital Camera

    Sony RX10 IV Compact Digital Camera Touch operation and other autofocus innovations take optimal advantage of the Fast Hybrid AF systems superior speed, accuracy and versatility for location shooting, continuous shooting and ultra-telephoto shooting Learn More

    AU $2,232.00 Inc GST

    RRP: $2,699.00 Save: $467.00

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Sony Cybershot Cameras

When Looking for a Compact Digital Camera

When you're prepared to buy the first compact camera I recognize it can be a scary process of knowing quality from rubbish.

So you are ready to buy a new compact digital camera however discover each of the features and functions overpowering. Just how do you tell them apart? Remember that your new compact camera will probably last you several years if you look after it so taking a little time to sort throw the choices will pay off in the long run.

Asking experts that are not going to force one particular brand name towards you because the profit margin is larger.

You will end up buying the right camera that meets your needs given the truth about when where and for what purpose you will use the camera if you are willing to get good advice and be honest about your true needs for the upcoming purchase of a new compact camera. There are plenty of cameras on the market but which one is best for you and at an affordable price? Once you have bought your compact camera you can then start to learn and enjoy your particular style of photography. Remember that buying a camera that will impress your friends and family may not in the long run impress you and isn't that what you wish to do in the long term?

Compact cameras are easy to use and cheap by comparison to a few years back however a lot of people get frightened by compact's thinking they might be too complicated. In reality a compact camera can be easy to use and should be easy to use. Selecting the correct one for your photography skill level is therefore an enormous benefit.

1. There isn't any doubt that Cameras have grown to be more technical as time goes by interestingly manufacturers have gone to extraordinary lengths to provide the photographer access to state-of-the-art technology that is certainly easy to use, by packing these improvements into a single button.

2. It will always be best to choose a brand new and current model. If you find a significant advancement in models then always get the newest model when it is affordable. Buying the latest model is a better investment than buying an outdated, second hand compact camera.

We advise that when buying a compact camera that you get a completely new one. It would not necessarily have to be the really most up-to-date model however it should be new and come with a warranty.

2. Purchasing a used compact is frequently fraught with risks since you are buying someone elses disappointment not to mention it may not give you the functions you will need. You may get lucky thats for sure, however it is not a big spend for most of us and for that reason what is a bigger factor is buying the right camera for the task rather than buying a price.

3. I am unable to tell you how many times people tell you that they took out their camera only to discover that they hadn't taken a memory card the moment they wished to use the camera. Forgot to put it back into the camera and so forth. Memory cards are incredibly inexpensive these days we recommend that you to have a spare memory card. They're inexpensive and do not wear out. Its just like having a spare roll of film.

4. Not having enough battery power is one of the pitfalls of our digital life no matter whether in your digital camera or some other digital gadget. Compact cameras have a high 'draw' on camera batteries especially when you are using features such as the cameras built in flash. We recommend you have a spare when for example you are photographing a special event such as a wedding or a formal or party.

5. A digital camera bag is also a great idea. Throwing the camera inside a handbag is going to do but it will at the same time see your compact digital camera covered in scratches and banged around. You can get a camera bag for a compact digital camera for only a few dollars. Take care of your digital camera and it will look after you.