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    • Save 6 %
    Canon EOS 4000D + 18-55mm IS III Lens Kit
    Special Price $610.00 Regular Price $649.00
    • Save 24 %
    Nikon D3500 Body
    Special Price $756.80 Regular Price $999.00
    • Save 18 %
    Nikon D5600 Body
    Special Price $984.00 Regular Price $1,199.00
    • Save 22 %
    Canon EOS 850D Body
    Special Price $1,088.00 Regular Price $1,399.00
    • Save 12 %
    Canon 800D Body
    Special Price $1,148.00 Regular Price $1,299.00
    • Save 16 %
    Canon EOS 77D Camera Body STOCKTAKE SALE ON NOW
    Special Price $1,174.76 Regular Price $1,399.00
    • Save 18 %
    Canon EOS 80D Body
    Special Price $1,228.00 Regular Price $1,499.00
    • Save 16 %
    Nikon D7500 Body SPOT DEAL
    Special Price $1,344.00 Regular Price $1,599.00
    • Save 13 %
    Nikon D610 Body
    Special Price $1,388.00 Regular Price $1,599.00
    • Save 18 %
    Canon 80D + EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens Kit
    Special Price $1,548.00 Regular Price $1,899.00
    • Save 13 %
    Canon EOS 90D Body
    Special Price $1,646.00 Regular Price $1,899.00
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DSLR Cameras

September 2018. Quick update about the NIKON Full Frame Mirrorless Z6 & Z7. You will NOT find them on this category. Look for the Mirrorless Cameras category and under that you will see the Nikon Mirrorless Z6 and Z7 in their own sub-categories.

Just quickly. DSLR and Digital SLR when referring to cameras is the same thing.

DSLR cameras is one heck of a massive range of cameras. Within those group we have lumped in the Mirrorless SLR Cameras so please do not get upset, it is just that there is only so many places to bundle DSLRs.

Whilst we have bundled Canon DSLRs Nikon DSLRs and Fujifilm Mirroless into this category (along with a few Pentax Sony and Olympus offerings) you can thin the choices down to brand specific such as Canon DSLRs only by using the categories to the left of this page.

So, What is a Digital SLR and Which One is the Best?

That is the never ending question! Join us for a few minutes as we begin to understand digital slr cameras.

If you are reading this page it is likely that you are a beginner photographer or would like to be. You may already have a basic digital camera possibly given to you as a gift and now you are excited about photography and how it can bring out your creativity or simply to record day to day life as it happens. Whatever the reason, welcome. We were all once where you are now in terms of understanding what a digital slr camera is and what it can do for you.

This page is simply designed to start you on your journey. To offer you some videos and basic information. We will probably create more questions that answer but that's alright. We look forward to going along with you are you explore the amazing hobby and professional of photography. Lets hope that in 50 years you are still eagerly looking for your camera each day.

We have about 10 videos here that have been selected to cover a few topics. You may already have a handle on what they have to say but then again there is always a little gem of knowledge hidden in them that might just be what you are looking for.

Who and what is Cameras Direct Australia?

Cameras Direct is a humble and proud bunch of people that love their photography. We were all once a beginner and have enjoyed the excitement of taking amazing photos as we all learned more photography skills as we went through our lives. We now, as a retailer of Digital Cameras, Camera lenses and all of the 100's of accessories, we now get to enjoy helping others along the journey.

We really do get excited when we see in a customers eye that anticipation of delight about their own photography joy and happiness. Might sound a bit old school but hey, that is who we are.

It is NOT about the sale of a product that excites us. It IS about knowing how happy that photographer will be when they get the result that they set out to get. You do not want a new camera or a new camera lens. You do not want to spend money. You want the result. Am I right? We will never 'flog' you a camera. We will carefully ask you questions to understand who you are and what you want to achieve. Then and only then can we suggest the best camera or lens or accessory that will help you take that better photo. It has been that way since 2001 when one person decided to form Cameras Direct to help others enjoy the same type of thrills that he himself was enjoying. The sale of a camera is just a simple part of that process. Thank you for reading and please go on and enjoy our website. We hope to help you soon. All the best.

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