Canon EOS 700d Body

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Canon EOS 700d Camera Body Review

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The Canon 700d digital camera is a big seller and very popular with beginners of all ages whether very young or dare I say it, not so very young. We have put this youtube video review together for you to give you a brief review of the features of this wonderful digital camera.

The Canon 700D was actually Canons second Digital slr camera which has a touchscreen display plus the capacity focus even though videoing. It is actually aimed at the Mums and Dads that desired a flexible digital slr camera designed to create top quality photographs with lots of Auto adjustments and a Full High def videocamera designed to focus while videoing. The fully articulated touchscreen display is amazing which isa very neat feature to be in a position to touch whenever you preferred to focus during the time you were videoing plus the camera would get its focus to that point. I thought this was made even more impressive because of the launch of Canons STM camera lens, the 18-135 which in fact have a quick and near silent focus motor that could not be noticed on the cameras audio while focusing. This camera has been a huge triumph for Canon but not only due to the touchscreen display but because its upgraded Auto focus systems and 5 FPS motordrive also caused it to be a good choice for the newer photographer searching for a camera that's more serious than the entry level 1100D but without the size and cost of the Canon 60D. The 700D will continue to sell exceptionally well and is a fantastic stepping-stone for the canon eos 70D.

The Canon 700D DSLR Camera Body has a 18 megapixel CMOS sensor combined with a DIG!C 5 processor, providing fast and high quality photograph processing. The ISO range starts out at 100 and can be expanded to 25,600, permitting minimal light photography. The 700D is capable of capturing at Five frames per second, and has a 3 touch screen around the back which can rotate and tip. 100 % 1080P video clips are achievable, and you'll shoot up to 60 frames per second at 720p.

The Canon 700D boasts inspiring filters which includes toy camera effect, miniature effect and numerous others.

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