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Canon EOS 750d Body

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Canon EOS 750d Camera Body

Update 24th April 2018. We are currently running a SPOT DEAL on the 750d which is by our checks the best price in Australia.

Are you looking for the Canon 750d Lens Kits? Here is a link for you.
Canon 750d Lens Kits

Picking the best of the Canon digital camera range for your needs comes down to the feature the camera possesses and your specific Canon camera needs. There are subtle differences between the Canon 750d and the Canon EOS 760d. The video below covers those and more.
The second video is a youtube review done by CNet and its here so you have an independent point of view to help you make the best choice.
Of course when in doubt we encourage you to call us or make a trip to our Gold Coast Shop.

We urge you to check Canons web page of the Canon 750d & Canon 760d at this link. Plenty of reviews and lots of specs. Be fully armed so that you make the best choice for you.

This link is a google search for Canon 750d lens kit options for you or please use the rectangular search box at the top right of this page

Here Canon Europe reviews the Canon EOS 750d. Good information and stunning scenery.