Canon EOS 800d Body

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Canon EOS 800d Body

The new Canon 800d has a new processor called the Digic 7 processor. What's the big deal about it? Well most upgrades of the processor means greater colours and operating speeds. The new Canon 800d is 24mp APS-c sensor meaning it is a crop sensor camera and not a full frame camera.

The Canon 800d allows for full HD at 60p video which is a plus and Canon has introduced with the video, a IS or image stabilising feature which greatly smooths out your video result.

The Canon 800d also has dual pixel RGB which means? .. Forget the tech stuff, it means really nice colourful true to life photos.

You want more? LOL sorry no steak knives here BUT you do get Canon Camera Connect which is a big term for wireless control from your smartphone or tablet via the Canon App. The App makes it super simple to share your photos to social media .. finally !

The Canon 800d also has a low light capability that hasn't been seen on a camera of this low price before. So in summary, the Canon EOS 800d is going to put a cat among the pigeons in the camera world you really should have it on your shopping list.

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