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Nikon D7200 Body

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Nikon D7200 Camera Body

If you have come to the Nikon D7200 Body page but would prefer to look at all of the Nikon D7200 lens kits then this is your link. Nikon d7200 Lens Kits

This page has the Nikon D7200 in all its glory and at the Cameras Direct discounted pricing for our Australian customers.

Ok so where does the Nikon D7200 sit in the NIKON DSLR range. Well its the cream of the crop sensor DSLR's (or was until Nikon buggered that up and announce the Nikon D500 but thats another story) and is much better built than the cheaper D5600 / D3400 DSLR's. Still quality comes at a price but its really not a lot more money for a much better camera.

To get things rolling let's go straight to our Nikon D7200 video review and then we will talk some more.

The Nikon D7000 series, the latest being the D7200, is a favourite of mine for the size, build, feels great to hold and also weather resistant from dust and water (although dust and water are not covered by manufacturers’ warranty, so prevention better than cure!).

The Nikon D7200 DSLR camera is the top of the range in Nikon APS-C (crop sensor) and you will find as you move up through the better range of Nikon cameras the size and weight will be a perfect balance for you, especially if you want to use it with telephoto lenses for wildlife.

There are many features on this 24mp camera with the latest Expeed 4 processor, with Kelvin settings (colour temp) 2,500 through to 10,000 K and 51 number of focus points which to me, brings it into the semi pro/pro arena. For those who want auto and scene mode settings there is a great number to select.

You will also find as you step up to this range and beyond the viewfinder will be brighter and larger. Check out the DSLR Viewfinder Sizes at

There is a complete range of DX zoom and prime lenses to choose from as well as FX (full frame) lenses that may suit your needs. As this camera has a focus motor you can use the Nikon AF lenses also. Call Cameras Direct for help in these matters.

The D7200 comes with built in WiFi if needed and a dual SD slot which I find very handy. For more extensive specifications go to

It is always worth comparing one camera to another if for no other reason as to put your mind at rest. This group of videos, made by others, offers you D7200 reviews and comparisons. Tab thru the videos to find the one/s that are of use to you. Some of the videos compare the Nikon d7200 with other Nikons such as the d7100 d5500 d3300 and also compare to Canons 7d Mark II and 70d for example. We hope you enjoy watching these Youtube Nikon D7200 Video Reviews

This google search is a bit random but it shows you other Nikon DSLR Camera options just in case you aren't set on buying Nikons d7200.

Whilst we buy our Nikon cameras from sources other than Nikon Aust, they do have the manufactures spec and reviews for you to read.

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