Canon EOS 200d

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Canon EOS 200d

The Canon 100d, Canons intro camera for beginners has finally been replaced and improved with it's new Canon EOS 200D.

As this is Canons beginners DSLR the Canon 200d is only available with a bundled up Kit Lens called the 18-55mm You can of course add to this starter kit. Many Canon users will opt to buy the Canon 200d as a twin lens kit including the Canon 200d body + 18-55 and then add the EF-S 55-250mm STM Lens to complete the twin lens kit.

As the following review states, if you just want to get started, then this little Canon 200d will get you started and allow you to learn how to take great photos.

So is this Canon200d combo your next go to for Vlogging? Have a look at the following video and then on the Canon 200d 18-55mm product page you will find a few Vlogging tools such as a Rode Mic, a LED light and a few light stands.

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