Canon EOS 77d Body

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Canon EOS 77d Body

Update 24th April 2018. We are currently running a SPOT DEAL on the 77d which is by our checks the best price in Australia.

Enter the Canon EOS 77d Body. Canon has announced a quasi hybrid DSLR the Canon EOS 77d Body. The Canon 77d is a blend of the Canon 750d and the Canon 80d.

The body of the Canon 77d is better built that the like of the 700d and 750d and DOES have a LCD on the top of right of the body ... Yippee for that.

The Canon 77d has a fully articulated touch screen for those that like to fiddle but in all truth lcd screen does come in handy if shooting at odd angles and the narcissistic selfie that we all have grown to love .. at least most do, sometimes, maybe.

An innovation is a sensor that will turn off the LCD screen if you put the viewfinder to your eye which will in turn save a touch of battery power.

Unfortunately the Canon 77d does not have a large battery such as the LP-e6 that you use in a Canon 80d.

Maybe the new touch screen control has come of age but I am yet to be convinced (old!)

We are not a big fan of self reviews but hey, Canon has done a good job in introducing it's new Canon EOS 77d.

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