Canon EOS 7d Mark II Body

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Canon 7d Mark II Body

Plenty of upgrades have been added to what was the original 7d body to get to new Canon 7d Mark II. Before you buy though have a look at our Canon 7d MK II (also often known as the Canon EOS 7d II) video review just to be sure that the newer 7d is the best Canon SLR camera for you. It is possible that the 5d Mark III or maybe the Canon 70 body is a better option for you. Cameras Direct crew are all pro photographers so please call us to iron our any niggling concerns as to the best choice for you.

And so the long anticipated The canon eos 7D II has finally been delivered after 5 long years. Has it been actually worth the delay? One easy answer....YES. All of us realized it absolutely was going to turn out to be something exceptional and the rumours through the years about what selling points and features it is going to have were countless. OK so lets pay attention to its new main features. Its headline act 65 point AF system. UNBELIEVABLE! This is really good it has equalled and in parts exceeded Canons leading pro DSLR the 1DX. Pair this with a 10 FPS gatling gun motor-drive and you have got the quintessential sport and widlife Digital slr. If you can't take phenomenal action photos with this particular camera in that case sport or wildlife photography is not for you.

With this camera it does not become any simpler. The build quality of the new 7D MK 2 is on par with the legendary original 7D with a full metal chassis and body, and is certainly one of the the reasons why their isn't any WiFi in this particular digital camera. The dual digic processor has made it possible for far better high ISO performance and a great buffer memory.

One thrilling characteristic is the anti-flicker function which is able to be of assistance to indoors photography fans who work underneath fluorescent lighting. It works by means of slowing down the motordrive to match the cycles of the fluorescent lights to attempt and make the colour balance of each shot constant. Add to this a dual card slot, interval timer and the same dual pixel technology belonging to the 70D and you have an instantaneous success. The 70D is additionally impressive and has received the AF system from the original 7D along with a very fast 7 Frames per second motordrive. It does however provide more end-user friendly selling points and features including the articulated touchscreen display, scene modes and WiFi.

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