Nikon D5600 Body

Nikon d5600 Body

Update 24th April 2020. We are currently running a SPOT DEAL on the D5600 which is by our checks the best price in Australia.

Nikon has replaced the Nikon D5500 pretty quickly with a new (Nov 2106) Nikon D5600 body and of course all of the usual Nikon Lens Kits.

Why has Nikon brought out a Nikon D5600 when the D5500 is almost the same camera? Frankly we don't know but one thing is for sure that they will be fading out the D5500.

The only real difference between Nikons D5600 and its soon to be discontinued Nikon D5500 is that the D5600 has a 3.2 inch Articulated screen (as opposed to a Swivel screen) and the D5600 has Snap Bridge where as the D5500 has built in wi-fi. Is Nikon trying to get you addicted to Snap Bridge?

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