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GoPro Hero 5 Accessories

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GoPro Hero 5 Accessories

GoPro Hero5 Accessories For GoPro Hero 5 Black & GoPro Hero 5 Session.

By far the biggest selling GoPro Hero 5 accessory for the Hero 5 Black, is the GoPro Super Suit. The Super Suit is the essential water proofing device (and it also fits the GoPro Hero 6). Yes the GoPro Hero 5 Black is supposed to be water proof to 10 metres ( or 1 atmosphere ) but the pressure of a water rolling over you can cause more down force that 10m of still water AND the Super Suit protects your Hero 5 Black from the elements such as salt and sand / rust and accidental damage. I gave my son a Hero 5 Black for Christmas and also gave him the Super Suit. The instruction was simple, Put it on and Leave it on.

The next most bought GoPro Hero 5 Black accessory is a tie between the GoPro Hero 5 Battery, the GoPro Hero 5 Black Dual Battery Charger and spare battery and the GoPro Hero 5 Black Replacement Side Door. You can see my comments about these individual accessories on the particular product page for each but suffice to say that you are probably going to be buying either / or of the GoPro Hero 5 Black battery options and also the GoPro Hero 5 Black Side Door. Get used to the idea now.

The third tier of GoPro Hero 5 Black accessories most often bought is a bundle of everything else. Other accessories include the Selfie Stick options including the GoPro El Grande and Handler for easy holding, The range of mounts including the Chesty (Chest Mount), Head Mount and Wrist mounts and also the Bike mounts. There is also at a price, stabilisers such as the GoPro Karma Grip but the Removu S1 outsells the Karma Grip about 5 to 1 so we tend to recommend the Removu S1. Also a growing line of GoPro Hero 5 accessories is in the line of Filters. These filters include Dive and Snorkel options and they cater for those of you using the GoPro Super Suit or not using the Super Suit.

There are also some really well made and well priced GoPro Accessories made by other such as the SP Gadget Brand. They represent relatively good value compared to GoPro Accessory prices and they also tend to fill the gaps for wanted accessories that GoPro is yet to get onto.

Update May 2017. Polarpro (a well known brand making filters for DJI Phantom / Mavic / Spark etc) has announced a range of filters for your GoPro Hero5. We have added the Polarpro for GoPro Hero5 Range to this page.

Update February 2017. GoPro announces a new GoPro Hero5 Accessory call the GoPro Quik Key. They are available in three formats namely, GoPro Quik Key and Gopro Quik Key for iPhone or iPad.

Be sure to watch the video at the bottom of this page for some "how to" hints for using your GoPro Hero 5 Black Accessories.

GoPro's new Hero5 range includes the GoPro Hero5 Black and the GoPro Hero5 Session. Along with the new Hero5's you would expect to find a pile of new accessories and that is what this page is about. GoPro Hero5 Accessories.

The Hero5 accessories include of course a new battery (shame you can't use the Hero4 Batts) and a new Dual Hero5 battery charger.

We are pleased to see that the accessories include new Hero5 dive filters, both the Blue Water Snorkel Filter and for deep water, the Hero5 Green Water Dive filter.

For the snorkel wearing GoPro user / Pool there is the Hero5 "Floaty" previously known as a Floaty BackDoor which caused plenty of humour.

GoPro have continued with replacement accessories too for such things as "The Frame" "Lens Replacement" and Replacement Doors for both the Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session.

There will no doubt be third party Hero 5 accessories pouring out of China for the thrifty.

We have included this "Five GoPro Hero 5 Tips and Tricks" as "Air Photography" does an excellent job showing you his Hints and Tips. Lots to learn including.
How to 1. Remove the Protective Lens Cover.
How to 2. Remove the Side Charging Door.
How to 3. Access Settings from Front LCD Screen.
How to 4. Lock the Touch Screen.
How to 5. Battery Saving Tips.
The Video is well worth the time to watch.

As the approved GoPro Hero 5 stockist in Australia you can be sure that you are buying genuine GoPro products and accessories with genuine GoPro warranty.

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