GoPro Hero 8 Black Max Accessories

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GoPro Hero 8 Black Max Accessories

Update 3rd October 2019.
With the launch of the New GoPro Hero 8 let us look at some of new appointments and new accessories that GoPro call “Mods”.

One of the biggest improvements with the Hero 7 was the HyperSmooth Stabilisation and now with version 2.0 on the new Hero 8 you will have stabilisation in all shooting modes such as 1080p at 240 fps. This is due to its new battery (same size) which is exciting for our slow-mo fans. You can use your old Hero 7 batteries in the Hero 8 however you will not get the mentioned benefits. Of course you will be able to use the new Hero 8 battery in your Hero 7/6/5.

When you look at the new GoPro Hero 8 the first thing you will notice is the folding prongs that attach to all GoPro mounts without the need for a frame. This will enable you to remove the micro card and or the battery while remaining mounted.

The new Gopro remains at 12mp but has an improved wind noise built in mic however I would be looking forward to the optional Media Mod accessory for higher pleasing audio results. The new Mods are Media Mod, Display Mod, and Light Mod.

The Media Mod is a much needed audio accessory that attaches to the side of the Hero 8. This directional mic has a 3.5mm port/ HDMI port and Type-C port (USB-C). It also features cold shoe mounts to add other accessories.

The Display Mod is a handy flip up (for selfies) bright 2 inch monitor that attaches to the top of the camera. And like the Light Mod It has its own 680 mAh battery so us to not use up the camera battery.

The Light Mod is an attachable waterproof (to 10m) rechargeable light (200 lumens) with 4 brightness levels and 6 hrs of running time that can also attach to the Media Mod and other GoPro items eg head straps tripods etc.

What was previously called the "Super Suit" is now the "Protective Housing" and you guessed it, it only fits the Hero8.

2nd October 2019. GoPro has announced the latest and greatest in the Hero Black range, the Hero 8 Black and the 360 degree cam, the Hero 8 Max.

Thankfully GoPro will also be offering "Mods" to your Hero 8's that previously had to come from 3rd parties like Rode for the Microphone. There are so far 3 Mods. One with a Light, one with a Microphone and one with an additional selfie - esque screen. All good moves as far as we are concerned. The next problem will be getting enough stock to meet demand.