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GoPro Hero6 Black & Session

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GoPro Hero6 Black & Session

It is not that long again that GoPro released the GoPro Hero5 and whilst the sales have been OK, they certainly haven't set the cash-register on fire. Add to this the woes of GoPro as a company in general as the nightmare of the GoPro drone / GoPro Karma continues to haunt them and it is easy to see why GoPro is rushing out the new (August 2017) GoPro Hero6.

GoPro has in the past not been overly good at getting stock of a new product out into the market place, preferring to play the games you have become accustomed too by Apple (for instance) with holding back stock to annoy the &^%( out of customers and retailers (but in GoPro's mind, to build demand) of a new stock item.

The claim is that there will be stock for Christmas 2017 sales of the GoPro Hero6 Black and presumably also GoPro Hero6 Session. As a retailer that wishes to not see the shortages of stock that we have seen in years gone by, especially leading up to Christmas, we at Cameras Direct have our fingers crossed for plentiful stock by October but only time will tell.

We will be back with new videos / specs and pricing in the near future. In the meantime, here is a bit of a hint ....