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Gopro Hero8 Black, GoPro Max & GoPro Accessories

Time is moving fast. GoPro Hero 8 has stopped dead the sales of the Hero 7 Black. On top of that the GoPro Max has wiped the floor of all other 360 degree cameras out there.

As usual, we are on top of all the Hero accessories, stocking all of them instore.

Update 26th March 2018. GoPro has, very quietly, just announced a descaled version of the GoPro Hero5 Black to be called the GoPro Hero. It is odd to say the least that this was a soft launch as let's be honest, GoPro don't do much quietly. Anyhow it is a new model. The new GoPro Hero (2018) is HD only and for me that's just fine. Sure 4k vision is great (especially if you have a 4k tv) but for my humble tv, HD will just have to do. The saving of some $200-$300 is also sweet to say the least. Maybe GoPro has a pile of the casings (as it is the same casing as the Hero5 Black and Hero6) and maybe they wish to sell a pile more accessories for the same sized unit. (noting that the Hero does not have the capacity to take the Mic Adapter) and why wouldn't they. So if you are the only one / family left on planet that doesn't own a GoPro then this is certainly a cheap entry point.

Here is a side by side comparison of the GoPro Hero (2018) versus the Hero6 Black. On a small screen you will be hard pressed to see any differences, significant or otherwise, certainly known in my opinion worth hundreds of dollars.

Now that I have bagged the Hero6, let me build it up again. This video demonstrates the Slow-Mo capability of the Hero6, which is something you cannot do with the GoPro Hero 2018.

This is GoPro Australia, that is we are your GoPro outlet with all of the latest GoPro Cameras, GoPro Accessories, GoPro know how and Gopro third party accessories. If it has anything to do with GoPro, we have it. This is where you wlll find all things GoPro. We are proudly Australian and very proudly your GoPro Australia go too.

You will find a stack of Categories on online here that split up all the GoPro Hero6 and GoPro Hero5 Black / Session cameras as well as categories for GoPro Hero accessories. You will find the GoPro Karma here also. You will even find our pre-release commentary of the GoPro Fusion.

Take a look at the vision that can be and that you can capture on the GoPro Hero6. Lovely work Chris Rogers. I can't help but wonder however if the vision would look the same had Chris used the GoPro Hero 2018 ??? What do you think?

So the next question might be, Why buy the GoPro Session over the new 2018 GoPro Hero when the price is much the same ... the answer ... The session has 4k video and GPS whereas the GoPro Hero does not.

This video compares the Hero5 Black with the Hero5 Session.

And this guy is Mr Everyday so he reckons but the review is indepth and complete.

With more than 150 GoPro Hero 5 accessories listed here, you are sure to find the GoPro accessory that you need to make your action videos stand out from the pack.

We stock not only the GoPro genuine accessories but as we have done now for 10 + years we also offer cheaper third party accessories for your GoPro.

At the moment the most popular GoPro Hero 5 accessory is the GoPro Super Suit, followed by the GoPro 3.5mm mic adapter. There is also the Dual GoPro USB Battery charger that comes with a GoPro battery as well. You can use the GoPro filters to improve the image / video quality when snorkeling or diving. There is of course a stack of grips / mounts / hangy offy bits and pieces. The GoPro tripod also sells very well.

FYI - Nick Woodman founded Gopro in 2002. The Gopro company manufactures and markets high-definition personal cameras, often used in extreme-action video photography. They are compact, lightweight, rugged, and are wearable or mountable on vehicles. Mr Woodman is now reportedly worth a staggering US$4,000,000,000.

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This playlist is our GoPro accessories reviews.

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