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Nikon d7200 Camera Lens Kits

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Nikon D7200 The Flagship of Nikon APS-C DSLR cameras has been replaced by the newer and arguably better D7500 however there are still plenty of good reasons to buy the Nikon D7200 before it is discontinued. .

The Nikon D7000 range is a favourite of mine in the APS-C sensor (crop) for its size build and semi pro features. With a built in focus motor in this 7000 series I can still use and or purchase the Nikon AF D lenses which if you are interested in prime lenses they are very affordable and still capture a high quality image.

The latest of the D7000 fleet is the D7200 however the D7100 is still available. When you are ready to buy you can save some money by purchasing a body that is about to be discontinued. Generally the older model will still be in production for approximately 6-12 months depending after the new model becomes available for purchase, so check out the new features that you may or may not need.

So let us look at the new features of the D7200. With many similar features and it is not important for you for eg the new Expeed 4 processor or built in WiFi of the latest edition you can save some money to put towards accessories or upgrade a lens.

The new Nikon D7200 DSLR is a well built weather resistant 24mp digital camera with 51 focus points like its predecessor and looks identical however it now has the latest Expeed 4 processor for a more responsive auto focus system. It makes an excellent camera for low light photography and now has built in WiFi with still the handy dual SD card slots.

Although professional photography demands at times a full frame camera I have had images published with this APS-C sensor camera and there is a huge range of Nikon and third party lenses you can choose from to use on this versatile, great to hold camera.

It is always worth comparing one camera to another if for no other reason as to put your mind at rest. This group of videos, made by others, offers you D7200 reviews and comparisons. Tab thru the videos to find the one/s that are of use to you. Some of the videos compare the Nikon d7200 with other Nikons such as the d7100 d5500 d3300 and also compare to Canons 7d Mark II and 70d for example. We hope you enjoy watching these Youtube D7200 Video Reviews