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DJI Osmo Plus

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DJI Osmo Plus

DJI announces (25th August 2016) the update on the DJI Osmo. Oddly they called it the DJI Osmo Plus

If you take a minute to read the comments on the DJI Osmo category you will see a bit of history re the DJI Osmo range. Thing is this, first came the non - zoom DJI Osmo which has sold by the zillion but some people were asking for a zoom version so DJI produced this DJI Osmo Plus .. not a lot of zoom but still easier than walking to zoom. Remember that the Osmo Z-Avis is still going to improve the stability and smoothness of the Osmo Plus.

For those of you with a smart phone such as the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone 7 etc, you will enjoy the 3rd of the DJI Osmo range, the aptly named, DJI Osmo Mobile. You can find out about the OSMO Mobile on the appropriate category to the left of this page.

How does the Osmo + outperform the Osmo? Well it gives you an integrated zoom camera with smooth gimbal balanced video and stills. It is the zoom feature that has been added again at 4K and again with Wi-Fi linking to your mobile device.

The camera is still 12MP (Adobe DNG Raw) and as I have said, stable 4K video.

The Osmo + offers 7x zoom from 3.5 optical and a 2x digital "lossless zoom" . DJI says that this is all achieved without any loss of HD quality.

How much? You can expect to pay under $999.

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