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DJI Spark 2

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Is there a Spark 2 on the way??

DJI has today (Friday 27th July 2018) advised us that they are completely out of stock of the single unit DJI Spark. Some Combos are still available but we do not know for how long. We don't know if the Spark will be replaced with another model, although it is highly likely, and we do not know when it at all. We suggest that if you want a Spark that you jump all over the Spark Combo's that are currently on clearance pricing. Otherwise it might be a Mavic Air?

22nd November 2017. Here is a super cool innovation from DJI, the DJI Spark is now able to be tethered to your Gamepad.

The DJI Spark and of course the more popular, DJI Spark Fly More combo's are still enjoying good sales and if anything the demand is increasing as the public realise just how good this little drone is. We are guilty of thinking initially that the DJI Spark might well be seen as a toy however for those more than happy with 1080p video and not looking to send the drone kilometres away, then this little Spark is the bright Sparks choice. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. The truth is though that the video quality from the Spark is ample for most users.

Casey Casey Casey - seriously ...

One of the new features from DJI is only a part of the DJI Spark and that is the Gesture Piloting / Hand Gesturing. Todd explains this for you ...

Update. MASSIVE PRICE DROP. Tuesday 26th September. DJI announces a 20% drop in the price of all DJI Spark drones. (Not the combos). All colours of the DJI Spark are now $599.99 which is a very affordable Christmas gift to who else but to yourself!!!!. NOTE that pricing of all products including of course the DJI Spark and DJI Spark Fly More Combo, is fluid and will overtime move up and down.

DJI Sparks and DJI Spark Fly More are in stock if you are seeking White or Lava Red. The other coloured DJI Sparks are for some reason not available as yet although as of 25th August 2017 we are told that the blue DJI Spark will be with us in a week or so.

DJI has today (24th May 2017) announced what has been long expected, the DJI SPARK. The tiny new DJI Spark is well, tiny. Let's just start by look at THE DUDE, Casey Neistat with his day one review of the DJI Spark.

The DJI Spark (at what will be a very very cheap price) has some downside if you can call them that. The DJI Spark shoots 1080p HD video not 4K (big deal!), the Spark has a two axis gimbal not a 3 axis gimbal (meaning the gimbal doesn't turn).

As usual the Manufacturer, DJI, has an Intro Video and it's super good. You can launch the DJI Spark from your hand and land it just the same. Fly with your phone, your controller or the DJI Goggles.

Now what about the Palm Control ??? What about the lens which is 25mm 12mp. The DJI Spark also have forward sensors, downward sensors and 3D sensors. The DJI Spark even has a Portrait Style feature like the iPhone. And did you ask about the DJI Spark battery life? Well DJI are saying that you can expect 16 minutes flight time but hey it is probably more like 10-12 from the 1480mAh battery. AND you even get a Charging Hub. Yes you also get Propeller Guards! Did you want a carry case included? Bingo. It is. Get OUT of here!

NOTE. That the DJI Spark does not come WITH a dedicated controller BUT you can buy that separately if you want a much wider range.

YES like the DJI Mavic and Phantoms, the DJI Spark has Fly To mode, Follow me and super cool camera modes like Auto exposure for HDR, Depth of Field control and the list goes on.

Is the DJI Spark easy to fly? Do fish swim in the sea !!!!! The built in gesture control is just incredible. All the flight modes that really ONLY involve touching the screen are so simple and so easy ... you have GOT to check this out.

Now to iJustine ... can't think why I enjoy her reviews but hey, I do.

The DJI Spark is the narc (opps social media fan) drone that does pretty much as the DJI Mavic but at a budget price. Clearly kids will be lining up for this DJI Spark this coming Christmas.

You can Interest Free Finance your DJI Spark if you wish. All you have to do is put the DJI Spark into the shopping cart, checkout as you would usually and then at the payment page, select "Once Finance" as your payment method

And if after reading and watching all of this then SURELY this video will sell you on buying your new DJI Spark.

Cameras Direct is the first DJI dealer in Australia to have placed an order for stock. The DJI Spark and DJI Spark Fly More Combo is due into stock early July. The DJI Spark controller is believed to be coming a little later. Stay tuned.

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