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DJI Tello

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DJI Tello / DJI Tello Accessories


DJI and Ryze have done a deal with GameSir to have a remote for the Tello. The RRP is pretty good too at under $50. The ideal that it would have been $100 plus would have put a bunch of us off but you know what, $49.95, I reckon I would get one.

One thing that cheeses me off is that the Tello doesn't come with a battery charging cable. If you are a Samsung / Android / GoPro user you probably have the cable. You will need a Micro USB to USB Male cable or you will not be able to charge the Tello Battery (which so far, can only be charged whilst in the Tello body. We will soon have high quality (AWG standard) Micro USB cables available and the link will appear on this page.

This video is complete and you should watch it to make your life easier in the process of setting up your Tello including connecting to your phone or tablet.

Update 29th March 2018. We have stock of the DJI Tello on the way to us, expected to arrive Tuesday / Wednesday 3rd/4th April. As of today we will have surplus Drones available for sale. The accessories will be along later, with the ETA not certain.

Update 16th March 2018. DJI have today advised us that the Tello and it's accessories are about 2 weeks away. Therefore we have made them available to be purchased again. Thank you for your patience.

Here is a recent video review of the Tello and he talks you right through the Tello so it is worth a look especially if you don't read manuals.

Just found this video too and yer, this guy is straight up and tell it how it is. We encourage you to watch it to see the limitations for the Tello.

Update. 29th January 2018. DJI have informed us that supply of this drone has been put back until April, possibly May. We have decided to prohibit Pre-Orders until we have a clearer delivery date. We ask that you bookmark this page and come back again to see if there is another update. Thanks very much for your understanding and assistance.

So from the outset let's get something straight, this is NOT the DJI Tello as it is made by Ryze. It is in fact the Ryze Tello. Why is it called a DJI Tello? Good question. The only good answer that I have at the moment is that the Tello has DJI technology in it. Having said all of that, the Tello is known global as the DJI Tello and in fact is covered by DJI or at least the DJI importers with DJI warranty. Whatever right.

As far as I am concerned, this little drone is MAJOR value. It has a 5 megapixel camera, 720p video (boo but come on, it's $169). They claim a 13 minute flight time (work on 10). You can fly the Tello up to 100 metres from you. The Tello also features Auto Takeoff and Landing. Remember, for $169 !!!.

The Tello is also programmable but I have no info on that at this stage. Presumably school kids will be playing with this as part of their science class.

There are a Ziillion Youtube videos already covering the DJI Tello so go have a look. We have selected this video as the best, least American (where they take forever to get to the point) introduction to the Tello.

The Tello is in my mind an indoors drone. Fly from your smart phone using the Tello App. Get on it.