Splash Drone - Fishing Drone

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Splash Drone 3 Plus - Drone Fishing

Get into drone fishing with Swellpro Splashdrone fishing drones and accessories including all the payload release mechanism options at sale pricing. You will find MASSIVE savings when you buy our fishing drone bundles and discounted accessories.

Thanks To Drone Camps RC for his summary of the Drone, what is can do and what accessories are available.

Update 1st November 2018. Enter the newest Swellpro Splash Drone 3 Plus. The upgrades are covered in detail in the following videos.

Enter the Water Proof Drone - the 3rd Generation "Splash Drone 3" from Swellpro. I live on the Gold Coast and we are generally in, on or under the water on the Goldie. I fly the DJI Mavic Pro and frankly I have come close to dunking the Mavic numerous times. So, when we were offered a Splash Drone dealership we jumped at it. Let's start the introduction of the Splash Drone 3 with the following video.

SwellPro ain't big on words but the "picture tells the story" here as they demonstrate how to go fishing using the Splash Drone 3.

Here is a couple of Aussie Blokes fishing with the Splash Drone 3.

I am not normally a fan of "Unboxing" Videos but I have put the following two here so that you can see just how well the Drone is protected in it's own case and the reviewer covers a couple of good features in a real down to earth way.

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