PolarPro Filters for DJI Spark

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PolarPro Filters for DJI Spark

Polarpro make it easy for you to match your video frame rate to the necessary shutter speed by using the appropriate ND filter. In general if you are going to shoot video at say 30 frames per second, you should ensure that your shutter speed is not faster than 1/60 of a second (30 x 2). This will ensure a smooth natural look to your video footage and not a stilted video.

To do this, set up your Spark ready to fly. Set the ISO to what you want, usually ISO 100 for a bright sunny day, set your frames per second. Now with the camera operating, look at the shutter speed. If it is say 1/500 of a second you must reduce it to 1/60. ND filters operate in what is known as Stops of Light. Each stop is either a half or double. For example moving from 1/500 to either 1/1000 or 1/250 is 1 stop of light or ND2. 2 Stops is ND4, 3 is ND8 (doubling in number), ND16 is 4 stops.

So how do you know which ND filter to use? Ok so let's go back to the example where your frames per second is 30 and your actual shutter speed is reading at 1/500 via the Spark. You need 1/60. So 1/500 halved is 1/250 or 1 stop. Halving again, 1/125 is 2 stops, Halving again, 1/60 (the shutter speed you want) is 3 Stops or ND 8 (2.4.8). OR you can get the Polarpro App and put in the info, the app will then tell you to use the ND8.

Of course ND filters are handy for Still Photography too, the above is just an example for your videoing.