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How to Catch your Children in Action

Kids photos. You have to love taking photos of your child. To take a better photo of them playing sport or in any form of movement / action can take a bit more patience and skill. This simple step by step photography course will help you do just that. Enjoy learning how to take great photos of your kids sport.

How to take better Kids Sport Photos

Photographing your own kids can be great fun, capturing their actions and emotions can be quite rewarding. On the other hand photographing other people's children can have an adverse effect these days and see you in a huge confrontation or behind bars, so try to concentrate on the ones you know. A successful shot like this one can make your colleagues and friends go all goggly eyed and leave you feeling proud as punch.

How to Catch your Children in Action

1 x DSLR Camera

1 x Standard Lens and Telephoto Lens 50mmand above)

1 x Lens Hood

1. When working with children try to make them feel like they are in charge, this allows them to enjoy themselves more making for a happier photo. In this particular shot the child is playing with a soccer ball however, this could be ant type of sporting equipment so try to use whatever your children are interested in such as a footy, hockey stick or a cricket bat.

2. Before venturing out try to keep the subjects clothes simple. Plain colours or even sports uniforms tend to look the best. You can also shoot this in the morning or afternoon and it doesn't need to be early or late just try not to make it during the middle of the day and be sure to keep the sunscreen handy.

3. Photographing this in the backyard or in a park will work just fine; remember to keep the background simple and neutral. Bright areas of colour or light behind the subject will deter from the actual subject.

4. Put your lens on the camera and attach the lens hood. Now you will need to preset the camera to ensure you are ready when the shot presents itself.

You will be looking to capture a shot which is sharp and has a blurred background; this requires a fast shutter speed and a wide aperture.

5. Set your camera to 400 ISO to allow for a faster shutter speed and then put the camera on aperture priority mode (Av on Canon A on Nikon). Now set the aperture to F 5.6 or below if possible (the lower the number the more blur you will get in the background), there are also two auto focus modes you can choose from which are 1 Shot or Single shot and the other is AI servo or Continuous. Single shot will lock on to the subject once only and Continuous allows the focus to follow the action when the shutter is half pressed, you may also consider moving your focus point in camera to the centre spot.

6. Now you can start shooting, sometimes this can be difficult as some children are camera shy so you may need a distraction like someone to interact with them while others are show offs and you will have no problems capturing moments.

7. Keep the crop tight and your horizons straight this is very important for the aesthetics of final result, you may even want to zoom in closer, if you do make sure you get close enough and not just cut of their feet.

Note: Photographing children is best done in their time so they don't feel like it's something they have to do.

8. Shoot like no one is watching™

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