Hoya HD Protector Filter - 82mm No Longer Available

If you want to buy a 82mm filter for an expensive camera lens, you can buy the Hoya HD UV or you can learn why buying the Hoya HD Protector filter could be a better option.
The video on the description tab talks about the Hoya HD Protector range of camera filters

Hoya HD Protector Filter - 82mm

The Hoya HD Professional Protector Filter is designed to not only protect your lens, but make it easier to clean.

Unlike UV filters, ultra violet light is able to pass through this lens. This is important for photographers experimenting in infra-red photography or if you do not wish to interfere at all with the image.

Cameras Direct is Hoya Australia's authorised reseller so you can be sure you are buying genuine Hoya Filters.

More Information
Manufacturer Hoya
Filter Type Protector
Filter Size 82mm
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