Hoya Pro ND500 Neutral Density Filter - 77mm SALE ON NOW

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Please watch the Video Review - Nd500 and Nd1000 are the new kids on the block. Close to 9 stops slower shutter speed is the result from the ND500

Hoya Neutral Density Pro ND500 Filter - 77mm

This ND500 is going to reduce the light passing through your lens by 9 stops of light. What does that mean? Well in the bright middle of the day, at f16 and on 100 ISO you could shoot a 4 sec exposure.

The PRO ND500 has a 9-stop light reduction equal to a ND optical density of 2.7.

The ACCU-ND technology in the Hoya PROND filters yields a truly neutral color balance that will not add any noticeable color-cast to your images. The Hoya PROND series is aimed at the still photography and HDSLR video markets. The series provides 9 filters from two stop to 10 stop light reduction.

The Metallic ACCU-ND coating on the PRO ND filters do not color shift as you move from one density to the next, a common problem with other series of neutral density filters. Now you can set your white balance once and have the same color balance even if you need to change filters due to changes in lighting, or for creative effect.

The PRO ND filters use Hoya’s exclusive clear optical glass that has a metallic ACCU-ND coating front and back to create the neutral density affect.

Neutral density filters are designed to reduce the amount of light entering your camera lens and should not have any other effect on the image. Reducing the amount of light allows for the use of wider apertures or slower shutter speeds for creative and dramatic effect in bright lighting conditions.

The HOYA PRO ND 500 is a dark neutral density filter with a filter factor of 500. This filter factor converts to a 9 stops light loss. This is a great filter for extreme blur effects in running water or other moving subjects. Example: In daylight maybe the slowest shutter speed available with a filter is 1/60 sec’ at F/22. By adding the PROND 500 a shutter speed of 8 full seconds would be possible.

This Hoya 77mm Neutral Density Pro ND500 Filter comes with a full warranty from Hoya Australia. Pop into our Gold Coast camera store & warehouse or order online. #CamerasDirect, happily helping you take a better #photo and being at your service. Thank you.
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Manufacturer Hoya
Filter Type Neutral Density
Filter Size 77mm
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