Hoya Variable ND Filter - 82mm No Longer Available Now Version II

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Hoya Variable ND Filter - 82mm

Variable ND (Neutral Density) Filters have been around now for well over a decade. When they originally came out we were super excited. The notion of buying just one ND filter that covers a wide range of FStops is of course brilliant. It is arguable that the image quality is diminished from a Hoya ProND Filter (which covers just one stop down of say ND32 (5 stops) or ND64 (6 stops) so please bear that in mind in your buying decision.

PLEASE NOTE. If you turn the Variable ND filter to the extremities, you can expect to get a cross effect. Back the filter off a bit and live with it as it is.

We are Hoya Aust resellers. Buying your Variable ND filter from us is a guaranteeing genuine Hoya product.

The Hoya Variable Neutral Density Filter uses two polarising layers to reduce light entering the lens, reducing between 1.5 and 9 stops as the filter is rotated. These are perfect people who love shooting wide apertures out in the sun, and you won't need to worry about taking numerous ND filters with you.

#HoyaVariableNDFilter82mm #HoyaVariableNDFilter #NdFilterVariable #HoyaVariableNDFilterReview
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Manufacturer Hoya
Filter Type Variable Neutral Density
Filter Size 82mm
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