Canon EOS 77D Camera Body SALE ON NOW

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Canon EOS 77D Camera Body We are currently running a SPOT DEAL on the 77d which is by our checks the best price in Australia. Chris Winter has some points of view about the new Canon 77d that you can watch on the Description Tab. UPDATE September 2017. We have secured much better buy prices for the Canon 77d and Canon 77d lens kits and we are passing on those discounts. We don't play games with prices, it's the best price on every item all the time. Please do not look at the Canon EOS 77D and think that it is between the Canon 70d and Canon 80d. Now plenty of people will disagree with me, which is your choice and yes there are similarities. So now that I have shot myself in the head, this is why I would buy the 80d over the 77d and maybe just maybe it is also Canon's thinking. #CanonEOS77d #Canon77d #Canon77dBody