Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM Lens - Kit Box

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What is a "Kit Version"? If a body and lens is offered as a bundle, in the same box, sometimes a customer wants the body only and not the lens. We take the lens out and can then offer it without a Canon box. Sometimes you will see these advertised as "White Box". It is exactly the same lens, front and rear cap and lens hood with the same warranty, just without a Canon box.

This superb 24-105 lens is part of a large range of Canon lenses known as Canon Standard Zoom Lenses. Its a fancy term for what means, every zoom ( ie not a fixed prime focal length) lenses is this mid range in the focal lengths .. not super wide angle and not super telephoto. The following short video shows you the lenses in the range but remember more are added as time passes.